「グラティチュード・ジャーニー」~ 永遠なる陸奥への想い / JOURNEY OF GRATITUDE – Caring Together with The Tohoku Region of Japan

■作品名 (Title)
「グラティチュード・ジャーニー」~ 永遠なる陸奥への想い
JOURNEY OF GRATITUDE – Caring Together with The Tohoku Region of Japan
■委嘱団体 (Commissioned organization)
ワシントン大学ウインドアンサンブル 委嘱
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■作曲年 (Composition year)
■グレード (Grade)
■演奏時間 (Duration)
■演奏可能最低人数 (musician)
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■出版社 (Publisher)
■解説 (Commentary)
Commissioned by and dedicated to the University of Washington Wind Ensemble,Prof. Timothy Salzman, conductor.JOURNEY OF GRATITUDE- Caring Together for The Tohoku Region of Japan

■ 「グラティチュード・ジャーニー」~永遠なる陸奥への想い/八木澤教司 作曲
JOURNEY OF GRATITUDE – Caring Together with The Tohoku Region of Japan/Satoshi YAGISAWA


The University of Washington commissioned Journey of Gratitude – Caring Together With the Tohoku Region of Japan.

Professor Salzman specifically asked me to compose a piece for the Winds for Hope benefit concert, an event staged for the Japanese school bands who have suffered from terrible effects of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. I composed this piece based on themes inspired by the beautiful scenery of Tohoku where I am originally from – it is nearly impossible to explain and describe how the beautiful Tohoku region looks like today. This region of Japan has been terribly damaged by the massive March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami and is still affected by radiation. The area has made an impressive recovery with help and support from all over the world as well as the people in Japan. However, today many after-shocks continue to cause fear and tension among the Tohoku people. I have visited the Tohoku region, where my dear friends and family live, many times since the earthquake last year. The damage has been engraved so deeply into their lives that I was unable to write a work about, or for them for a quite long time, and to some degree I strongly felt that it would have been disrespectful to compose music based on the terrible event. Having said that, I continued struggling towards what direction I must take my composition style in an effort to respect and encourage the Tohoku people through music.During my visits to the Tohoku region during January of 2012 I came to realize that people there have begun to express themselves quite differently. People told me, with smiles on their faces: “It was terrible when the earthquake happened, but now the bonds among families and friends are much stronger than before”…“I lost quite a lot, but now I am grateful for small things that I didn’t recognize before”. Since then, my intention is to think even more positively for their best, and hope that the whole world will continue to send them encouragement.My new composition is based on the many expressions of gratitude and caring together that I learned from the Tohoku people, words that give everyone the kind of energetic hope that moves people forward. My wish is to reach out to the Tohoku people’s heart through the University of Washington Wind Ensemble’s warm and passionate sound. Satoshi YAGISAWA

■編成 (Instrumentation)



  2. シンフォニア / Sinfonia

  3. 「ある街の風景」~イタリア・ローマにて / A Scene of Rome

  4. カクテル・パラダイス!(フルート4重奏)

  5. 吹奏楽のための交響的詩曲「モーセとラメセス」 / Moses and Ramses – symphonic poem for wind orchestra

  6. 嵐の中の幻影 / An Illusion in the Storm

  7. 「レムリアー失われた大いなる遺産」 / Lemuria – The Lost Continent

  8. ピリ・レイスの地図 / The Piri Reis Map of 1513

  9. 「空と大地の間で」〜愛の実る季節に / On The Earth, Under The Sky

  10. 吹奏楽のための音詩「我ら鷲の如く空を舞う」 / A Tone Poem for Wind Orchestra”Like the Eagle, We Soar and Rise”

  11. ファンファーレ「若雉子は大空高く舞いて」 / Fanfare – Young Pheasants in the Sky

  12. ヴィンクロ・エテルノ / Vinculo Eterno


  14. コンサートマーチ「ザ・ヴィクトリア・ピーク」 / The Victoria Peak ~ Concert March ~

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