曙光の波をきって / 第一楽章:街のいしずえ BEYOND THE HORIZON/1 Mov. KURE – Core City of the East

■作品名 (Title)
曙光の波をきって / 第一楽章:街のいしずえ BEYOND THE HORIZON/1 Mov. KURE – Core City of the East
■委嘱団体 (Commissioned organization)
海上自衛隊呉音楽隊 呉鎮守府開庁130周年記念 委嘱
■作品No (Work No)
■作曲年 (Composition year)
■グレード (Grade)
■演奏時間 (Duration)
■演奏可能最低人数 (musician)
■参考音源 (Audio Sample)
■出版社 (Publisher)
■解説 (Commentary)

第1楽章…街のいしずえ 第2楽章…渚のひかり 第3楽章…造船と職人  







  1. KURE – Core City of the East
  2. SETOUCHI – The Inland Sea
  3. YAMATO – The Battleship

Beyond the Horizon was given its world premiere by Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure Band, conducted by Mr. Hirokazu Ishida.
Kure is in the south west of Hiroshima Prefecture. The city is on the Seto Inland Sea and some smaller isles. It is a seaside city blessed with a mild climate and surroundings of natural beauty.

As soon as the operation of former Kure ‘Chinju-fu’ (naval base) started in 1889, naval arsenals and related facilities were built one after another. Workers gathered from all over Japan to build the city infrastructure. The municipality was established in 1902. In time, Kure became a notable location with Japan’s top naval shipyard. For example, the battleship “Yamato” was built there in 1941. When the Second World War ended and the Japanese navy was abolished, Kure was restored successfully as a new seaside industrial district by constructively transferring former military assets with the aim of transforming the city into a peace-time industrial coast city. Furthermore, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) Kure District was set up and Kure is now moving forward with new urban buildings based on “co-existence and co-prosperity” together with the JMSDF.

In 2000, the city was designated as a “special city”. The eight towns of the inland area and island area around Kure were merged with the city between 2003 and 2005, reborn as western Japan’s premium city with both beautiful islands and a coastline.


■編成 (Instrumentation)


  1. March – Tin – Sagu

  2. 「ポンペイ」- 古代遺跡が語る大都市の繁栄と終焉 / Pompeii

  3. ウインドアンサンブルのための「パーテル・ノステル II」 / Patel Noster II for Wind Ensemble

  4. 風の戯れ(フルート4重奏)

  5. 曙光の波をきって / 第三楽章:造船と職人 / BEYOND THE HORIZON/ 3rd Mov.YAMATO – The Battleship

  6. 「コンチェルティーノ」― ソロ・パーカッションとウインドオーケストラのための ― / Concertino for Solo Percussion and Wind Orchestra

  7. サクソフォーン小協奏曲 / Saxophone Concertino for Alto and Soprano Saxophone

  8. 陽のあたる庭[バリトン・サクソフォーン&吹奏楽伴奏版] / My Sunny Graden

  9. 「ナスカ」― 地上に描かれた遥かなる銀河 / Nazca Lines – The Universe Drawn on the Earth

  10. 「ニルマル・ヒルダイ」~ マザーの微笑みに包まれて… / Nirmal Hriday – Filled Up with Mother Teresa’s Smile

  11. 空中都市「マチュピチュ」― 隠された太陽神殿の謎 / Machu Picchu : City in the Sky

  12. 「死者の支配する国」― 崇高なる光に包まれて / The Living Cherish the Deceased

  13. 「モアイ」― 太陽を見つめる七体の巨像 / Moai – The Seven Giant Statues Gazing at the Sun

  14. カクテル・パラダイス!(フルート4重奏)

  15. 「いちかわ・真夏の夜の夢」バンドセレクション -ミュージカル附随音楽より- / ”Ichikawa, Midsummer Night’s Dream” Band Selection – From Musical Accompany Music –